UMMUQEYR SOMALI ASSOCIATION & OLAD FOUNDATION is countering to the world’s most subjugated humanitarian catastrophe, aiding to rehabilitate education, health, economic wellbeing and empower people ravaged by striving and hazards.

Rescuing humanity for catastrophe:

Our team is providing the basic health care, foundation, education and financial backing to societies in poor countries of the world like Somalia, with special programs designed for women and children. We support thousands of Somalian refugees each year in East London.

Our responsibilities are:

We respond immediately to the matters when a crises occurs, the UMMUQEYR SOMALI ASSOCIATION & OLAD FOUNDATION appears on the scene urgently when called upon with the expertise and safeguard those people caught in the core of disaster. We are focusing mainly on providing clean water resources to the community residencing in the community along with bright educational programs specially uplifting the point of educating girls. Dwelling local capacity, self-adequacy and highlighting human rights, are at the origin of all of our original programs.

Utilizing your endowments wisely:

Our Organisation is consistently striving top scores by endowments custodians groups for the decisive use of donor alms and the influence of our work. Each & every single $1 we spend, affects those straying for basic educational institutions and services that directly or indirectly benefit people affected by natural crisis.

Contribute for the betterment of mankind:

Present a gift, attend events, support for change, appeal for the noble cause, endeavour with us as a volunteer, activate your online system and publicize stories about how we help amid crucial moments in handling/grabbing crisis.



Millions of people suffer and die every year in poor Countries due to lack of Education, Unhealthy Food, No access to clean water and bad Health policies. Our mission is to bring smiles to face of people in the poorest areas of Somalia by providing them access to quality education and clean water projects.



We are primarily focusing on the education sector which will uplift them morally and specially we support the rights of education for girls. The most valuable support provided by us is the deliverance of clean water to various parts of the country so that travelling in search of water can be stopped.



By donating to the UMMUQEYR SOMALI ASSOCIATION & OLAD FOUNDATION you will be directly helping more girls to get the education they deserve and become empowered and to accelerate progress within their communities. That benefits everyone. Your donations will help us carrying out our mission in Somalia.



This is where you’ll find about our latest projects, stories and great opportunities to make a difference with us. We are involved in many school and clean water projects in Somalia where we need your continues support to help deserving people.